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You just said “I do” and you’re starting to plan for the big day. Congratulations! There’s a lot to be done. Of course, you want to look your best — who doesn’t? But while the dress, flowers, hair and makeup are all important in putting your best face forward, none of that will matter if you’re flashing crooked teeth for your wedding photos. If you’re shy about your smile and want it fixed by the big day, part of your wedding planning should be to get your teeth to straighten with Invisalign. Then, by the time you walk down the aisle, you can flash your straight, pearly whites for the camera and all your loved ones, exuding confidence at the same time. Invisalign for brides is an excellent choice, a common theme for us here at Clear Smiles, where our doctors work with brides all the time to get them the perfect smile they crave. Your wedding day is the most photographed day of your life. Smile with confidence with invisible braces!


Read on to learn how Invisalign can transform your whole look just in time for the big day. Here, Dr. Crosby will answer some of your most pressing questions as you decide if clear aligners are best for you.

How long in advance would you recommend a bride to come for their initial consultation prior to their wedding day?

Invisalign treatment is quicker than braces. The average time is between six and nine months to complete, so it’s always best to come in sooner rather than later. That said, we do have a lot of brides-to-be that come in three to four months ahead of the wedding and we are at least able to make great improvements before the big day. It’s not like braces where you have to remove them and then replace them after the wedding. We can also bleach the teeth during the process of Invisalign.

Is Invisalign the fastest and most effective treatment for brides to get THE perfect smile for their special day?

Yes. It is definitely the fastest. We would also say that it is the best since you can remove them at any time for photography and of course for the big day! Eating at the ceremony is a breeze because you can take them out.

What are some things brides must know about the treatment?

It’s very straightforward: there is an obligation to wear the trays; however, the whole process is very clean, aesthetic and gentle.

5 Things Brides to Be Should Know About Invisalign

If you have issues with your teeth, planning for an Invisalign consult should be at the top of your list, right up there with booking the DJ and sampling cakes. Check out these five things to know before you start:

1. Invisalign can improve your dental health: While many patients seek out Invisalign benefits for cosmetic reasons, you should know there are also several health advantages to fixing malocclusions. Crowded teeth attract more bacteria, which can lead to gum problems, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

2. Start treatment at least one year prior to the big day for the best results: However, if you only have a few months to go before the wedding, it’s really never too late to start. You will see noticeable differences sooner than you think. And you can always continue your visits upon return from your honeymoon in Bali!

3. Choose an orthodontist in a convenient location: Clear Smiles has two locations in Dallas and Frisco, which means we are close to your home and work.

4. There are key differences between Invisalign and traditional braces: First off, Invisalign trays aren’t nearly as noticeable as traditional metal braces. Plus, there are no food restrictions because you remove them when you eat. You may feel a little pressure when switching over to the next tray, but they are more comfortable overall than metal braces because there are no annoying wires to poke you.

5. Maintain a radiant smile on the big day: Help yourself along the way by avoiding red wine in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You may want to get your teeth whitened beforehand and make sure you’re brushing and flossing like you always do. Healthy teeth are beautiful teeth!

A Final Word…

While we’ve been talking a lot about brides, we can’t neglect the grooms in all this as well! Men want straight teeth for their wedding day, too. In fact, Invisalign benefits everyone in your wedding party, including the parents of the happy couple. Put the finishing touches on your wedding look by making sure teeth straightening takes priority.

Get started today by taking the smile quiz on our website. Then call Clear Smiles to book your free consultation in Dallas or Frisco online. Let’s get your teeth photo-worthy for the big day!

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