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Start giving more people healthy, beautiful smiles by partnering with Clear Smiles today!

Clear Smiles, Inc. partners with orthodontists and dentists to deliver best-in-class orthodontics. More than 75% of the U.S. population has crooked or misaligned teeth. Research has shown the connection between malocclusion and traumatic wear of dentition, periodontal disease and overall oral health. Proper alignment and function can help maintain teeth for a lifetime.

While wires and brackets may still be the only option for some, more often than not, a clear aligner can be the solution –less-invasive, less hassle, lower cost—a win-win for your patient and your practice.

10 Reasons Why to Partner with Clear Smiles?

  1. Offer quality orthodontic care in collaboration with leading Invisalign orthodontic providers.
  2. Increase your visibility, grow your patient base and practice. If you see 60 patients per week (hygiene and other), you may have over 900 candidates seeking treatment each year.
  3. Clear Smiles empowers the doctor to meet the need and expand their practice without additional overhead.
  4. Clear Aligners means healthier gums: removable aligners allow patients to brush and floss normally.
  5. Easier cleanings: no metal to work around. Less risk of plaque retention, tooth decay and periodontal disease
  6. Improved well-being: straighter teeth may provide your patients with better overall health.
  7. Straighter teeth can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, abnormal enamel wear and periodontal disease.
  8. Patients are eager for straighter teeth.
  9. Happy patients tend to remain in your practice for longer, and can become a dependable source of referrals.
  10. Energize your entire team! With Clear Smiles, your staff have new ways to engage and interact with patients

What are you waiting for?

Partner with Clear Smiles today and join the revolution that is making orthodontic treatment more accessible and affordable for all.